The CUInsight Experience podcast: Linda Armyn – All in together (#178)

“Continue to learn, grow, and collaborate to move our industry forward.” - Linda Armyn

Thank you for tuning in to episode 178 of The CUInsight Experience podcast with your host, Randy Smith, co-founder of This episode is brought to you by Humanidei. Humanidei helps credit unions build inclusive cultures that attract, develop, and retain talent.

My guest on today’s show is Linda Armyn, President & CEO of Bethpage FCU. Linda has been a part of the Bethpage family for over two decades, having grown through its ranks to recently becoming the President & CEO. Linda acknowledges the significance of every role in creating a collaborative team. Together, the team at Bethpage offers a full range of products and services to support the financial needs of members.

During our conversation, Linda talks about the importance of fostering a collaborative environment that includes all departments and board members. She discusses how credit unions can work together to overcome economic challenges and drive our movement forward. Linda shares the lasting impact mentors have had on her career and advises those working towards a leadership role. Listen as we discuss the power of telling our stories to enhance the future of the industry.

As we wrap up the show, listen as Linda shares what music she enjoys, inspiring words from her father, and why she purchased 149 copies of this book and sent it to her team. Enjoy my conversation with Linda Armyn!

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Linda Armyn, President & CEO of Bethpage FCU
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Show notes from this episode:
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Book mentioned: Move Fast and Fix Things: The Trusted Leader’s Guide to Solving Hard Problems by Anne Morriss and Frances Frei
Previous guests mentioned in this episode: Leo Ardine (21 & 150), Todd Harper

In This Episode:
[00:34] – Linda Armyn says she took a winding path to her career from being an English Literature major.
[02:38] – Linda shares if her experiences in different departments helped her role as a CEO.
[05:15] – “I don’t know everything, but I know how to ask the right questions and get to the right places.”
[07:03] – Linda shares when she decided to pursue the CEO path.
[09:54] – How does Linda approach the relationship with board members? PART 1
[12:46] – How does Linda approach the relationship with board members? PART 2
[15:20] – Sometimes we can’t get out of our own way as an industry, but we need to.
[17:50] – Viewing problem solving as a financial services industry.
[20:11] – What is Linda excited for in the industry?
[22:56] – There’s enough room for everyone.
[24:40] – Linda is open to different perspectives.
[27:41] – Creating space to reevaluate. PART 1
[30:12] – Creating space to reevaluate. PART 2
[31:34] – What does Linda look for in teammates?
[33:40] – “Everybody plays an important role.”
[36:32] – Having a harmonious and collaborative journey when dealing with different personalities.
[38:00] – What is Linda’s approach to work-life integration? PART 1
[40:56] – What is Linda’s approach to work-life integration? PART 2
[42:42] – Linda purchased 149 copies of this book.
[45:27] – “You’re going to be a success if…”

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