The CUInsight Experience podcast: Mara Humphrey – Bright future (#166)

“Collaborate to create a future where credit unions are thriving.” - Mara Humphrey

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My guest on today’s show is Mara Humphrey, President & CEO at the Minnesota Credit Union Network. Mara shares her career journey that started in politics and led her to where she is today. The Minnesota Credit Union Network is the state trade association for Minnesota’s credit unions. Mara is focused on creating a culture of collaboration within the credit union industry and evolving to stay ahead.

During our conversation, Mara and I talk about the bright future of the credit union industry. She shares the lasting impact mentors have had on her career, and gives advice to those working towards a leadership role. Mara expresses the importance of a collaborative culture so credit unions can be more nimble and continue to meet the needs of the changing financial services landscape. Listen as we discuss ways to invest in credit union culture and stay true to a vision.

As we wrap up the show, listen in as Mara talks about her amazing team, how her family keeps her grounded, and what hobby helps her relax. Enjoy my conversation with Mara Humphrey!

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How to find Mara:
Mara Humphrey, President & CEO at the Minnesota Credit Union Network
Mara: LinkedIn
MNCUN: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Show notes from this episode:
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In This Episode:
[01:01] – Mara Humphrey says she started in politics and shares how she transferred into credit unions.
[02:40] – What tips does Mara have about applying for a CEO role?
[04:37] – “We need to continue to evolve.”
[07:17] – Mara talks about the strong relationships within the credit union industry.
[09:50] – Who does Mara go to for honest feedback?
[12:30] – Mara shares how she communicates with board members.
[14:23] – Mara explains the ways she invests into her career. 
[16:01] – How does Mara decide who’s part of her leadership team?
[18:03] – Be clear with your vision.
[20:30] – Mara talks about taking action on feedback.
[22:19] – What is resilient leadership?
[24:34] – “Most of our best work is not done in the office.” PART 1
[27:29] – “Most of our best work is not done in the office.” PART 2
[29:01] – Mara says she’s focused on a culture of collaboration within the credit union industry.
[31:51] – Where did Mara see a double rainbow?
[34:37] – How does Mara balance work and life?
[37:09] – Who does Mara consider successful?
[38:42] – Mara thinks the future of the credit union industry is bright.

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