4 reasons top employees leave

Employee turnover is the worst. This is especially true when the employees that are leaving are your top-notch performers. If you want to slow the departure of your best employees, it helps to know why they’re hitting the road. Here are four reasons your best employees decide to leave.

They’re not going anywhere: Over time, employees get tired of doing the exact same thing day after day. If you’re not moving forward, then you must not be going anywhere. Employees want to feel valued and important, and when you’re not advancing, it’s hard to feel appreciated. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, there’s no chance to climb the ladder. When that happens, your employees will look elsewhere for growth opportunities.

They’re overworked: Good employees are usually capable of doing more work than they are initially asked, but this can become a problem when the workload eventually grows to a level that even the best employee can’t handle. When this happens, they get burned out quickly and feel like they’re being taken advantage of. Use raises and title bumps to make sure your hardest working employees feel like they’re getting something in return for all of their hard work.

They’re not recognized: Anytime an employee does a great job, you should let them know. Being recognized lets your employees know that they’re doing a great job and it’s also a great motivator. Maybe you can’t afford to hand out bonuses left and right, but you can always speak a few words of appreciation.

They don’t feel cared for: Culture plays a huge part in keeping employees happy. Money is important, but when its valued more than the people who make profits possible, you’ll have a big problem. It’s not easy to work hard for someone who cares more about your production than your well-being. The more detached you are from your employees personally, the more employees you’ll have to eventually replace.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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