Cause for Community – What it means to be a good credit union neighbor

Communities are continually challenged to find ways to care for those on the margins of society. While we are all capable of improving our own conditions, we are also capable of improving the conditions of others. Credit unions, especially, play a vital role in this philosophy. If we consider that “people helping people” is the foundation upon which credit unions were built, we quickly realize that our role in community is vital, and the desire for our presence is growing stronger.

For all that has changed in today’s financial landscape, human nature remains much the same; people and their communities are at their best when they exist to help one another. While serving your community, you will meet your neighbors, who will then become personally familiar with your credit union. The strong bonds built with the public will have incredible benefits for your organization.

So how can you initiate or reignite passion for your credit union’s role in neighborly enrichment? First, begin by asking yourself, “What will benefit my community the most?” Find an approach that will make a positive and noticeable difference, as well as fulfill local needs. Whether you’re raising money for green-space improvements or sponsoring a seniors program, make sure that your outreach aligns with employees’ interests and your mission. Not only will this help solidify lasting relationships, it will give credence to your brand both internally and externally.


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