CUInsight Weekly Minute with Linda Lafortune – February 18, 2022

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds

Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Director of Learning & Client Support Linda Lafortune with our favorite reads from the week.


What CU brands can learn from politicians, or the “beer rule” of branding


In my previous life as a communication consultant to politicians, I saw firsthand how difficult it can be to maintain a sense of who you are as a person while also campaigning – which is really turning yourself into a brand – and to do it in a way that can inspire others to action..(Read More)

 Retirement prep and life in your 60s: what you need to know


Is retirement on your doorstep? Are you recently retired? Here are some considerations and tips as you wade into the retirement waters.

An important step to gearing up for retirement is figuring out all your sources of income. And being realistic. Here’s a checklist of things to consider when preparing for retirement:…(Read More)

6 strategies to help your credit union stay ahead of the technology curve


From the exponential growth of digital apps and their usage by credit union members to increased cybersecurity concerns and requirements along with the accelerated evolution of traditional services to meet consumer expectations and compliance needs, 2022 promises to be another pivotal year in the financial services industry. …(Read More)

Linda Lafortune

Linda Lafortune

Linda is the Director of Learning & Client Support at CUInsight.  She has an extensive background in the credit union industry having worked in both large and small credit unions, in ... Web: Details