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- by Randy Schultz, Strum

What’s in a name?

To tell the truth, I wince at some recent articles describing a financial institution’s renaming initiative – and the time, money and expertise that were surely spared on the effort to create their new name. [...]

- by Charlotte Boutz-Connell, Strum

Respectfully. Yours.

For Seven Seventeen Credit Union, the data – and listening to members – affirmed that a brand refresh was the right strategy. As Seven Seventeen Credit Union mapped a strategy for growth – encompassing new markets and a [...]

- by Cassie Woolhiser, Strum

Millennials for a jargon-free banking world

As a Millennial employee at a financial branding and marketing agency, I see institutions constantly searching for more customers my age. There’s a great deal of targeted marketing happening: financial institutions use tactics that [...]

- by John Mathes, Strum

The art and science of brand balance

At Weber Marketing Group, we unlock brand insights that shape human behavior. We then influence this behavior by crafting emotive creative built on solid strategy formed from intelligence. Pretty cool, eh? I really like this [...]

- by Bill Hasapidis, Strum

In search of member value

In today’s increasingly competitive financial services industry, member profitability has become a vital topic. Accompanying this growing interest has been the challenge of developing and interpreting member profitability data and information. For all the [...]

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Weber Marketing Group changes name to Strum

Weber Marketing Group, a 30-year nationwide leader in financial services branding, data-driven strategy and analytics announced its name change to Strum.Along with adopting a new name, the agency, with offices in Seattle, Boston and [...]

Weber Marketing Group clients win 14 CUNA Diamond Awards

Weber Marketing Group, a strategic branding and consulting agency specializing in the financial industry, recently announced clients in 8 states were honored with Diamond Awards, which recognize outstanding marketing, branding and business development achievements in [...]

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