The CUInsight Experience podcast: Kent Lugrand – Daily choices (#158)

“Life is too short to contort yourself to perform a role that doesn’t align with you.” - Kent Lugrand

Thank you for tuning in to episode 158 of The CUInsight Experience podcast with your host, Randy Smith, co-founder of This episode is brought to you by CUES. CUES is the leading talent development solutions provider in the credit union industry. After listening to our show, learn more and register for CEO Dialogue. This new CUES event is an opportunity to join your fellow CEOs from credit unions across North America in an open discussion format tackling the industry’s most pressing issues.

My guest on today’s show is Kent Lugrand, President and CEO of InTouch Credit Union. Kent shares his journey and how he started his career in credit unions over 30 years ago. He chats about his experience in the credit union movement including advice and inspiration for the future. Kent’s leadership at InTouch has led the team and members in providing value and solutions in their community, specifically addressing food insecurity and donating $150,000 to local food banks. Kent is inspired by the impact credit unions can have in financial education and digital delivery.

During our conversation, Kent and I chat about the importance of networks and the power of choice that we exercise every day. Kent believes that credit unions are community institutions by design and is inspired by the impact credit unions can have in financial education and digital delivery. He talks about servant leadership and the community of culture and synergy created within an environment when leaders put the interest of others above their own. Listen as we discuss how to evaluate decisions,make choices as a team, and continue to drive our movement forward, together.

As we wrap up the show, listen in as Kent talks about being a lifelong learner, evolving as a father, and knowing the power of his choices. Enjoy my conversation with Kent Lugrand!

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Kent Lugrand, President and CEO of InTouch Credit Union
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A big shout-out to our friends at CUES, an amazing sponsor of The CUInsight Experience podcast. Thank you! After listening to our show, learn more and register for CEO Dialogue
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In This Episode:
[00:54] – Kent Lugrand recalls how he switched into credit unions after talking with a friend.
[02:58] – Kent’s parents introduced him to credit unions, and he never thought about it much until after he started working in the industry.
[04:36] – Tech drives behavior change, impacting banking changes to match consumer needs.

[07:22] – Credit unions are community institutions by design. PART 1

[10:16] – Credit unions are community institutions by design. PART 2

[11:59] – Kent is inspired by the progress credit unions can have in financial education and digital delivery.
[13:36] – Kent shares an epiphany he had about being an African American professional earlier in his career.
[16:30] – We don’t always choose our circumstances, but we always have a choice.
[19:23] – Find something you love to do.
[22:07] – Kent talks about a mindset shift that ripples in your work. It can work for you or against you.
[24:56] – What makes a great leader in Kent’s eyes?
[27:07] – Decide the minimum threshold for your goal, then find ways to overlap that with your team’s strengths.
[29:52] – Kent describes this specific challenge of being a leader.
[31:40] – How do you give team members space to learn and grow?
[33:48] – Kent is a lifelong learner. What does he plan on learning next?
[36:47] – Despite the idea of FOMO, Kent says choices still give you opportunities as well.
[39:39] – Kent admires leaders who are service-driven.
[41:04] – Kent reminds everyone about how influential leaders are to their team environment.
[42:42] – Thank you Kent, and thank you for listening!

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