The CUInsight Experience podcast: Lisa Pesta – Passion filled (#165)

“Be that person who is in a constant state of learning.” - Lisa Pesta

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My guest on today’s show is Lisa Pesta, President & CEO of Meriwest Credit Union. Lisa has been a part of the Meriwest family for over two decades, having grown through its ranks to recently becoming the President & CEO. Coming from a background in HR, Lisa has a unique perspective on the power of collaboration and building company culture. She is excited for the future of the industry and believes credit unions must collaborate to continue driving forward.

During our conversation, Lisa and I talk about continuously learning and developing passionate credit union teams. She shares the lasting impact mentors have had on her career and life, and how she pays it forward to the next generation. Lisa is deeply invested in understanding the dynamics of a positive working environment that encourages collaboration and excellence from all team and board members. Listen as we discuss ways to keep the credit union industry collaborative and inclusive.

As we wrap up the show, listen in as Lisa talks about her four successful kids, her favorite album, and her dad’s inspiring story. Enjoy my conversation with Lisa Pesta!

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Lisa Pesta, President & CEO of Meriwest Credit Union
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Show notes from this episode:
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In This Episode:
[01:03] – Lisa Pesta explains the coincidence that helped her get a job in the credit union industry. PART 1
[03:47] – Lisa explains the coincidence that helped her get a job in the credit union industry. PART 2
[05:55] – “Involve yourself in everything.”
[08:54] – Lisa shares how she engages board members to keep the company collaborative and inclusive.
[10:20] – Lisa talks about focusing on retention strategies for credit unions.
[13:01] – What are Lisa’s thoughts on smaller credit unions collaborating?
[14:37] – Lisa says she’s built relationships inside and outside the industry for mentorship.
[17:04] – Lisa listens for this particular word when interviewing potential team members.
[19:40] – Lisa lists traits she seeks in potential team members that she believes will add value.
[22:26] – What’s Lisa’s approach to feedback?
[24:52] – How would Lisa describe a great leader?
[27:39] – “Asking questions is the best way to get to a really good resolution.”
[29:39] – Lisa reflects on how her startup background influences her approach to creating a company culture. 
[32:25] – What are Lisa’s thoughts about the culture of work changing?
[34:57] – Lisa shares what amazed her recently.
[36:43] – Does Lisa have any hacks for work-life balance?
[39:09] – Lisa describes herself as a country-music girl, but chooses this as her favorite album.
[40:49] – Lisa shares why her dad’s story inspires her.
[43:32] – “We should be filled with passion for our industry.”

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Randall Smith

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