Top 10 CUInsight leadership & culture posts in 2023

Happy Holidays from CUInsight! It’s been another great year (wow it’s flown by!) and it’s time again to take a look at the year’s best. Here are your top ten leadership and culture posts from 2023!

5 books worth reading in 2023
My fourth year of setting a reading goal was a success. As with last year, I focused on quality over quantity, which left more than two dozen books on my “to read” shelf … Some really good books that I’ll look forward to sharing with you next year! Until then, what did I read this year that is… (read more)

Where has all of the empathy gone?
Empathy is in my blood. It’s one of my core values, and I work hard to practice it – especially with people who seem to need it most. This past month, I had the pleasure of leading several hundred team members of one of the 20 largest credit unions in the US through discovering the benefits of empathy and… (read more)

Merge earlier, you jerk!
You’re driving down the interstate highway at 75 miles per hour trying to get home. You’re making good time, and you’ll be home soon. No, wait. You’re slowing down. You see red brake lights everywhere, and cars slightly swerving onto the shoulder to avoid the bumpers in front of them. What now? You just want to… (read more)

Two former credit union CEOs discuss strategies for success in 2023
In the ever changing economic environment, the focus of many credit union leaders this year is lending safely, growing membership and scaling solutions. We recently hosted a conversation focusing on these strategies, “Credit Union CEO Deep Dive: Positioning Your Credit Union for Success in 2023,” featuring two… (read more)

Six reasons your credit union will become lethargic
There is so much to do. Member expectations continue to increase. The need to grow overall membership does, too. In the meantime, you must invest in digital platforms, talent, and process optimization. You also cannot forget marketing and education. Who knew we would have to keep reminding people that… (read more)

The importance of compensation reviews for departing CEOs
As a credit union board, ensuring that your CEO is compensated fairly and competitively in the market, especially as the CEO approaches retirement or departure from the organization is essential. A compensation review is an effective way to ensure the outgoing CEO is taken care of by being compensated equitably in the market and… (read more)

Excuse me while I silently scream in my office
I am a firm believer that you need to create a work culture where frustration CAN exist without placing a label on your ability to do your job. We all have moments within our careers where you must express how you feel EVEN when it is negative. I picture it much like a tea kettle where you can either listen to… (read more)

Employee burnout is real: How to combat it in 2024
As we prepare for a new year, understanding what drives employee burnout and how to help combat it at all levels is critical. Coming out of COVID and returning to work environments where team members had to reconnect with other people hasn’t been easy. We’ve all had to learn to lead differently, and this work is… (read more)

Here’s why you didn’t get the CEO position…
by CAROL SCHILLIOS, Schillios Consulting & Fabric of Life
My head is spinning. 200 CEO resumes. 180 cover letters (yes, some actually didn’t follow instructions to include a cover letter).  50 interviews. Candidates begin to blur into each other. Twenty hours later, it is clear they have all read the same best seller on how to be… (read more)

What do you pack to pursue a dream?
After living in Wisconsin almost our entire lives, my wife and I have decided to move to South Carolina. Moving across the country can be a daunting task, and packing can be overwhelming. While preparing for this major move, it got me thinking that we all make these kinds of moves throughout our lives. Sometimes the moves are… (read more)