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- by Dave Chojnacki, The Payments Review

“Alexa, How much money do I have?”

In a recent article on titled Trellance Predictions for 2018, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was touted as having “become a must-have in the everchanging market. Credit unions need to make AI a part of [...]

- by Shelly-Ann Wilson Henry, The Payments Review

Defusing social media bombs

Today, the consensus is that it is integral for you to have a strong online presence if you want to build a strong brand. With so much information being consumed online, it is almost impossible [...]

- by Shelly-Ann Wilson Henry, The Payments Review

A new company is born

It isn’t every day that we have such awesome news to share on ThePaymentsReview; and fortunately today is one of those days. The PaymentsReview is proud to announce a new company, Trellance. There are [...]

- by Dean Knudtson, The Payments Review

Thought leadership – An interchange primer

It’s imperative for credit unions to understand interchange – the biggest component of non-interest income. One of the most misunderstood, and possibly the most misaligned topic in the credit and debit card world is interchange. [...]

- by Dave Chojnacki, Trellance

2018 Reg Z penalty fees

Credit unions typically incorporate minimal fees, deriving most of their non-interest income from interchange on credit and debit portfolios. As the income from interchange declines, some credit unions look to fees to replace that revenue. [...]

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12 CUs awarded at CSCU annual conference

CSCU, one of the country’s leading CUSO’s with 2000 members, presented its Exceptional Marketing Ideas (EMI) Awards to 12 CUs at its recently held annual conference. The 12 CUs were chosen from a [...]

CSCU 2017 Annual Conference, April 4-7 in Orlando

CSCU, one of the country’s leading CUSOs, announced the theme and featured presenters for the CSCU 2017 Annual Conference. This year’s conference will focus on the future of payments and will provide the [...]

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