The CUInsight Experience podcast: Monica Belz – Cultural abundance (#173)

“Credit unions are the most positioned entity across the world to be the drivers of social and economic change.” - Monica Belz

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My guest on today’s show is Monica Belz, President & CEO at Kaua’i Federal Credit Union. Monica shares her passion and commitment to humanitarianism, which inspired her involvement with credit unions. The team at Kaua’i Federal Credit Union is rooted in their culture and works to rebuild communities to ensure the wealth and wellness of future generations. Monica believes credit unions are uniquely positioned to positively impact the world.

During our conversation, Monica explains how ancestral wisdom and current cultural trends can create and impact change. She shares the value in advocating for local and global communities, interconnecting them, and her experience sharing and receiving, “aloha.” Monica discusses the importance of and insights to driving economic and social change. Listen as we discuss the strategies behind building resilient communities and regenerative economies.

As we wrap up the show, listen in as Monica talks about visiting Japan and being amazed by her eldest child, diving deep into doughnut economics, and who her “shero” is . Enjoy my conversation with Monica Belz!

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How to find Monica:
Monica Belz, President & CEO Kaua’i Federal Credit Union
Monica: LinkedIn
Kaua’i FCU: LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook

Show notes from this episode:
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Book mentioned: Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth
Book mentioned: Citizens: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us by Jon Alexander
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In This Episode:
[00:46] – Monica Belz recalls traveling the world and helping in disaster relief efforts.
[03:30] – Why is community important to Monica?
[05:45] – Monica talks about contributing locally and globally. PART 1
[07:41] – Monica talks about contributing locally and globally. PART 2
[10:14] – What is Monica most excited for these days?
[12:43] – Monica talks about thriving communities through economics.
[14:27] – Go back before going forward.
[17:11] – A unique place with a potent culture.
[20:02] – What is Monica’s advice for aspiring CEOs?
[22:58] – How does Monica foster collaboration in teams? PART 1
[24:58] – How does Monica foster collaboration in teams? PART 2
[27:51] – Recognizing the abundance of the land. PART 1
[29:11] – Recognizing the abundance of the land. PART 2
[31:07] – What does empowerment look like to Monica?
[33:50] – Monica recalls the trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Did she make the climb?
[36:26] – Monica says she was amazed at something her eldest child did for her while visiting Japan.
[38:41] – What book does Monica recommend?
[41:07] – Thank you Monica, and thank you for listening!

Randall Smith

Randall Smith

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