The CUInsight Experience podcast: Mike Veny – Pause & reflect (#172)

“Workplace mental health has a lot to do with the culture.” - Mike Veny

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My guest on today’s show is Mike Veny, who is fiercely committed to empowering employees to discover the gift of emotional wellness so they can accelerate personal and professional growth. Mike dives into different approaches to wellness, such as whole-life integration to find your own version of balance. We are so excited to have Mike as the keynote speaker for the next CUInsight Mini-Con event, so register today!

During our conversation, Mike and I talk about mental health in the workplace. Mike covers a range of mental health topics for teams and individuals, as well as resources for individual and workplace growth. He discusses the correlation between DEI and mental health in organizations and ways to promote a healthy culture. Listen as we discuss tools and methods that help us reflect on mental health and how organizations benefit from inclusive mental health awareness.

As we wrap up the show, listen in as Mike talks about admiring nature, reflecting on a Deepak Chopra quote, and listening to Stevie Wonder. Enjoy my conversation with Mike Veny!

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Mike Veny, Workplace Mental Health Speaker
Mike: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Show notes from this episode:
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In This Episode:
[01:08] – Mike Veny describes his work as a workplace mental health speaker.
[02:56] – Mike explains the difference between “wellness” and “well being.”
[05:51] – How can teams include meditation?
[07:54] – Mike talks about inclusive approaches to meditation.
[09:38] – How does Mike define workplace mental health?
[12:36] – Set an example.
[15:07] – “What am I feeling?”
[17:38] – Mike talks about the beauty of connecting with people and sharing empathy.
[19:46] – Which wellness resources can teams start off with?
[22:01] – “We’re always evolving.”
[24:57] – “How do I know this to be true?”
[25:53] – Mike talks about whole life integration to find your own version of balance.
[27:52] – A healthy work environment helps organizations perform well and stay relevant.
[29:37] – Mike discusses thoughts about anger and different approaches to that feeling.
[32:39] – Get to know your team members as individuals.
[35:12] – Mike shares a Deepak Chopra quote he likes?
[36:49] – Which book does Mike recommend today?
[38:03] – “Take care of yourselves.”

Randall Smith

Randall Smith

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