Top 10 CUInsight innovation and payments posts in 2022

Happy Holidays from CUInsight! It’s been another great year and it’s time again to take a look at the year’s best. Here are your top ten innovation and payments posts from 2022!

The pros and cons of BNPL
Convenience and flexibility are essential for consumers in a post-pandemic, heavily e-commerce shopping experience. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a trending payment method that offers consumers exactly that – flexible, payment options. BNPL’s services are growing… (read more)

Five key initiatives credit unions need to focus on in 2022
The events of the past two years have forever changed the financial services landscape. While advancements and operational efficiencies are always a constant, credit unions must operate in a faster-paced environment with member demands and expectations… (read more)

3 gift card trends that have nothing to do with gifting
While gift cards remain one of the most popular gifts to share for holidays and other special occasions, the latest trends surrounding gift cards go beyond this original use. The most recent trends focus on self-use, digital/mobile behavior… (read more)

What Millennials and Gen Z want from a credit union
We’ve all heard the generalizations about sensitive Millennials and the online entranced, eye-rolling Gen Z. While not everything you read is true, except that Gen Z is figuratively glued to their phones, both see things through a digital yet… (read more)

Check your lists, and check them twice: 2022 holiday fraud trends
The holidays are just around the corner to usher in a bustling season of togetherness, shopping, travel, and charitable donations. It’s a special time of year for many of us – including fraudsters. Between November and January this year… (read more)

Top 5 reasons to invest in business intelligence in 2022
So, you bit the bullet. You hired data managers and IT pros and purchased all the shiny analytics tools required to transform data into dollars for your credit union. What’s your next move? If you’re feeling uncertain, you aren’t alone. You’ve joined the ranks of… (read more)

5 takeaways for credit union growth in FY2023
I’ve spent the last year talking to scores of credit union leaders. What’s quickly become clear is that many credit unions are well-positioned for growth—even if they don’t realize it. The path for credit unions to build revenue and serve our communities starts with… (read more)

Open banking: The next credit union disruptor
Does anyone remember the 2004 Nationwide Insurance tagline, “Life comes at you fast”? Although the popular ad campaign is nearly 20 years old, it feels more relevant now than ever. Innovations that once crawled off the starting block are now redefining… (read more)

What is payments orchestration?
The term ‘payments orchestration’ seems to be everywhere, but what is it? As defined by PaymentsJournal, payments orchestration is… (read more)

Are you there Crypto? It’s me, Patty
Several times, I have picked up a book, article or conducted a Google search trying to better understand the basics and general culture of cryptocurrency and blockchain. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding this universe confusing, exciting, risky and complicated all at the same… (read more)