The CUInsight Experience podcast: Tricia Szurgot – Think infinite (#163)

“We’re in the people business, we’re not in the money business.” - Tricia Szurgot

In episode 163 of The CUInsight Experience podcast, host Randy Smith, a co-founder of, sits down with Tricia Szurgot, President and CEO of Securityplus FCU.

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In this episode I engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Tricia Szurgot, a seasoned credit union professional known for her innovative thinking and transformative leadership. The episode, titled “Think Infinite,” offers an inspiring glimpse into Szurgot’s journey and her views on driving positive change within the industry.

As the president and CEO at Securityplus Federal Credit Union, Tricia Szurgot brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the podcast. Her passion for cultivating exceptional member experiences and embracing technology to enhance credit union operations shines through in her thought-provoking insights.

During the podcast, Szurgot and I delve into a range of topics, exploring her unique perspective on innovation, the role of technology, and the importance of collaboration within the credit union community. Szurgot shares her vision of creating infinite possibilities for credit unions and challenges conventional thinking, encouraging professionals to embrace change and push boundaries.

Szurgot’s “Think Infinite” mindset revolves around exploring new frontiers and breaking free from the limitations of traditional practices. She emphasizes the need for credit unions to adapt to rapidly evolving member expectations and embrace emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, to stay ahead of the curve.

Recognizing the power of collaboration, Szurgot stresses the importance of building meaningful partnerships within the credit union ecosystem. By joining forces, credit unions can leverage shared resources, expertise, and data to deliver exceptional member experiences and compete with larger financial institutions.

Episode 163 of The CUInsight Experience podcast featuring Tricia Szurgot is a must-listen for credit union professionals and enthusiasts. Szurgot’s unwavering commitment to innovation, her emphasis on technology-driven transformation, and her advocacy for collaboration highlight the path toward a vibrant and sustainable future for credit unions. Through her inspirational words, Szurgot encourages listeners to embrace infinite thinking, challenge the status quo, and unlock the limitless possibilities within the credit union industry.

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Tricia Szurgot, President and CEO at Securityplus FCU
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In This Episode:
[00:50] – Tricia Szurgot says she started working straight out of high school.
[02:19] – Did Tricia go to college later?
[05:03] – Tricia talks about what she felt while she was out of the credit industry.
[07:38] – How can credit unions leverage technology while keeping member service human-centric?
[10:19] – Tricia talks about starting her new CEO role, and gives tips for first-time CEOs.
[13:13] – Why is it important to be curious in difficult conversations?
[16:06] – How has parenthood influenced Tricia’s leadership style?
[18:34] – What does it mean to be a certified futurist?
[21:15] – Tricia explores the future of the credit union industry. How can teams prepare for changes?
[23:28] – What does Tricia look for when building a leadership team?
[26:16] – Find team members who are focused on co-creating the initiative’s future. PART 1
[28:12] – Find team members who are focused on co-creating the initiative’s future. PART 2
[30:07] – Tricia is a huge advocate of education, both formal and informal.
[33:02] – What is Tricia’s “future of work” philosophy?
[35:52] – You can do anything you want.
[37:46] – Tricia talks about her first job as a lifeguard and her excitement at seeing her son come into his own.
[39:57] – Tricia says she’s making room for more balance in her life.
[42:34] – Does Tricia have any recent tips for balancing work and life? PART 1
[44:36] – Does Tricia have any recent tips for balancing work and life? PART 2
[47:30] – “Think infinitely and act purposefully.”

Randall Smith

Randall Smith

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