Top ten marketing posts from 2019

Good morning! This is the last day that someone will say good morning to you until 2020. Don’t worry, that’s not far off. As we finish up our year, we also send you the final look at the top posts from 2019. Today we’ll look at the top ten marketing posts from this year, and with that, I’ll wish you a great day and a happy new year!

How can a Christmas cookie change your credit union?
By. Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co.

Logos, tattoos and brand loyalty
By. Mark Arnold, On The Mark Strategies

4 myths about credit unions—and how to dispel them on your website
By Derik Krauss, BloomCU

Marketing unicorns and other myths about big data
By. Helen Lawler, Finspiration

Credit unions need to talk about something other than their products
By. Matt Ward, Breakthrough Champion

Adventures in stock photos – Act 1: The credit union photography project
By. Andy Janning, Man On Fire, Inc.

4 ways to entice millennial members to your credit union
By. Dee Dee Metter, SWBC

Credit unions’ two greatest growth challenges – An aging member base and slowed member growth
By. Mark Weber, Strum

If you are focused on millennials, you’re missing a big market
By. Britney Bailey, Growth By Design

Stop and listen before planning this year
By. Paul Robert, FI Strategies, LLC