Top 10 CUInsight Community posts in 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we at CUInsight remain both inspired and grateful for the many amazing humans in the credit union world. So many of the thought leaders in our industry contribute content to CUInsight, and we share a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of them for gifting us with their insights, calls to action, and words of wisdom.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t thank you: our audience who turns to CUInsight daily as The Place for All Things Credit Union. Join us as we revisit the most read articles of the year, written by our community of contributors.

Top 10 CUInsight Community posts in 2023:

Shots fired! Banks sound off on credit union complacency
For decades (over a century, some could argue), credit unions as a collective always (at least in their own minds) answered the following question in a resoundingly similar way: “Well, at least our __________ is still better than the banks.” (read more)

Credit unions are a safe harbor
As consumers grapple with the news of the second largest bank failure in U.S. history—followed by another related bank shut down—credit unions remain focused on keeping consumers’ money safe and secure. (read more)

Are you micromanaging employees to leave?
When I first started my career journey, I wasn’t sure when I could or could not use my voice. More often than not, I would bite my tongue to spare myself a difficult conversation. I always considered this an act of class. I was taking the “higher road”. (read more)

Keep the cash with credit unions
Prudent budget management is essential for financial security and prosperity. Credit unions help American families achieve this, and they practice what they preach by responsibly managing their institutions’ portfolios to ensure a strong bottom line and the ability to invest in their communities. (read more)

What the new PCI mandate means for financial institution ATMs
Meeting compliance standards is an ongoing concern for financial institutions. Over the last 15 years, ATM management has significantly added to those headaches. Changing requirements, additional mandates, and liability updates have created a need for expensive upgrades and pricey software updates. (read more)

Taylor Swift has it right: Haters gonna hate
My daughter MacKenzie recently returned home from lacrosse camp. I was running on my treadmill when she arrived home. She zipped upstairs as I ran and chatted with me as I finished. After a few days away, having my only daughter back in the house felt like a delicious and warm meal after camping and hiking for a week… (read more)

I just work here
Why is the policy like that? I don’t know; I just work here. Why do they make decisions without understanding what we go through daily? I have no clue; I just work here. Why are they posting the position when they already know who will get the job? Your guess is as good as mine; I just work here. (read more)

A government shutdown? What it means for credit unions and consumers
Our country is on the precipice of a government shutdown. The ramifications are far-reaching – federal workers would be without pay for an unknowable period, some government services would halt, and more residual impacts would happen the longer the shutdown lasts. (read more)

Four predictions credit union lenders should be tracking in 2023
After painfully stubborn inflation over the past year and a likely stagnation in the next, credit unions are preparing for an unsteady 2023. They’re particularly focused on climbing interest rates and a significantly depressed refinance and purchase mortgage market, but in spite of the uncertain economic situation… (read more)

What I learned from a one-month sabbatical in Italy
I just returned from a 32-day trip all over Italy with my family. It’s been a dream of mine for years to take a one-month sabbatical from my business and travel with my husband and three kids to not only enjoy beautiful Italy, but for the kids to see and experience where their Nonno and Nonna (my husband’s parents), grew up. (read more)


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