Top 10 CUInsight marketing and branding posts in 2022

Happy Holidays from CUInsight! It’s been another great year and it’s time again to take a look at the year’s best. Here are your top ten marketing and branding posts from 2022!

Three marketing lessons from a Domino’s ad campaign
When I first saw the Domino’s Pizza commercial promoting the random distribution of gift cards to their delivery customers during the 2021 holiday season, I assumed they were making nice on Mom & Pop joints that suffered greatly as a result of… (read more)

A better question to ask than, “How are you?”
It has become my most hated question. I mean, does anyone know how to answer the question “how are you” right now? Seriously. Do you lie and say “fine” or “good”? Do you give a cliché like “hanging in there” or “putting one foot in front of the other”… (read more)

What we learned by examining 40 credit union social media campaigns from 2021
It’s been a rough start to another uncertain year. If there’s anything we can count on, it’s that all of us are hungry for meaningful connection. For all its challenges and potential perils, social media, like banking, can be a force for good if… (read more)

5 Gen Z myths and 5 things they actually want from FIs
As an iced-coffee-drinking, selfie-taking, house-plant-loving, certified Millennial, I have read countless op-eds and think pieces over the years on what Millennials want, who we are, and what industries we have supposedly… (read more)

Credit unions have a credit union problem
When was the last time you walked through the steps of opening an account at your credit union? What about the last time you tried to apply for a loan on your phone? We often get so close to our own work that we forget to step back and put ourselves in the shoes… (read more)

3 ways credit unions can use texting
The days of direct mail and email blasts have been over for some time, but most businesses (and financial institutions) haven’t fully captured the power of consumers’ favorite communication tool—their phones. While texting has been around for decades, its popularity has… (read more)

What office design says about your credit union
A credit union’s first responsibility is taking care of its members, which means you must create a well-rounded experience for them. Office design plays a more important role than you might think in fostering an inclusive culture. Let’s explore what office design says… (read more)

What credit unions need to know about Gen Z
Gen Z is on the road to becoming the most economically influential generation in the world. As more Gen Zers enter the workforce, their income is expected to quintuple and will represent at least 27% of total global income by… (read more)

Five strategic marketing priorities that may be the keys to unlocking successful growth
It has been a wild two-year journey. From our personal to business lives, we’ve made more adaptations, pivots and changes amidst uncertainty, than perhaps at any point in history. As we clear our heads and focus on reaching our goals the second half of this year… (read more)

3 ways data cultivates the brand experience
Brand experience is the sum of all the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and reactions that individuals have in response to a brand. Brand experience is not specific to a channel or media type. Rather, it’s the result — or the lasting impression — that remains after someone encounters or… (read more)