Top 10 CUInsight Community posts in 2020

In a year where we’ve physically been apart, finding virtual community has been more important than ever. Our CUInsight Community is full of industry leaders and credit union experts who share their insights with all of us, and we’re so thankful they do! Before we shelve 2020 forever, let’s take a look back at the most well-read articles that we shared together this year. Below are the top 10 articles from our Community in 2020.

Top 10 CUInsight Community posts in 2020:

Can I throat punch you?
by Amy Downs, Allegiance Credit Union
“Can you jump on a quick 15 minute call today so I can learn more about your credit union and your objectives?” Can I throat punch you? No.  You cannot have 15 minutes of my time. Each day I receive an average of 16 variations of this request between voicemail, email, and LinkedIn messages. If I complied, this would mean giving up 4 hours a day providing they really only kept me for the agreed upon 15 minutes… (read more)

Remote work must find a place in financial services
by Jill Nowacki, Humanidei
It’s almost 2 p.m. and I’m still in the running clothes I threw on first thing this morning. I haven’t run, nor have I showered and “gotten ready for the day.” Being in a different time zone means that colleagues and clients on the west coast of the United States were responding to pending project requests while I slept… (read more)

11 books you need to read in 2020
by Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co.
You buy books. They sit on the shelf. You mean well. You want to read, but you can never find the time. That was me in 2018. I bought more than a dozen books and made it through half of one of them… (read more)

Fatigue is killing our productivity
by Anthony Demangone, NAFCU
I recently spoke with a good friend who is the CEO of a credit union.  I asked him what he struggled with, as CEO. Staff burnout, he said.  Almost without hesitation. Since the great recession and beyond, he’s been asking his staff to do more, with less… (read more)

Warning signs for workaholics
by Dave Adams, CU Solutions Group
As leaders or as employees, how often are we advised to slow down and stop working so hard? Isn’t it always the opposite? We live in a work culture that encourages long hours, a fast pace and extreme productivity. This is especially driven by society’s insistence on speed and immediacy… (read more)

7 tips for building a positive culture in a ‘socially distanced’ world
by Lisa Rauliuk, Strum
The global COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us now, and social distancing is creating more than just operational considerations for workplaces that have transitioned to most or all of their staff working remotely… (read more)

The most successful organizations in 2020 will do these 3 things…
by Jim Bouchard, Black Belt Mindset Productions
… and of course, those who continue to struggle or tread water will not. #3 Engage fully in the process of transformationThe CU industry is moving at an incredible pace. There have been probably been more changes in the past 5 years than in the previous 50… (read more)

Commitment to Change – AACUC’s charge to the credit union industry
by Renée Sattiewhite, AACUC
In this time of turmoil, civil unrest, economic uncertainty, COVID-19 and the relentless images we see on media outlets, we must take a step back. I am not a scholar, but I am a woman living in the United States of America. I offer the following comments as a citizen of the United States and a credit union advocate… (read more)

What protests teach us
by Maurice Smith, Local Government Federal Credit Union and Civic Federal Credit Union
The recent protests taking place around the country over the death of George Floyd is an opportunity to learn important lessons. We should ask ourselves what should be learned from the social turbulence. I have an opinion or two on the matter… (read more)

10 tactics scammers use to trick credit union members
by David Ver Eecke, PSCU
Scammers are known for preying on victims’ vulnerabilities, such as financial hardship, fear and confusion. Given the particularly challenging circumstances surrounding COVID-19, people who believe they are savvy enough to avoid scams may fall victim, nonetheless… (read more)

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