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- by Cyndy Stewart, SWBC LenderHub

5 common collections challenges (and how you can overcome them)

Collections plays a critical a role in your institution’s financial health. Limited resources, personnel, and time are common denominators for many collections departments. I've worked with financial institutions to streamline their collections operations for [...]

- by John Deluccia, SWBC LenderHub

10 topics to educate your customers on debt management

These days, we consistently hear about how strong the U.S. economy is, with home values quickly increasing and low unemployment creating lucrative opportunities for workers. Despite that, many Americans are struggling financially and are [...]

- by Erica Cepeda, SWBC LenderHub

A deeper look into the appraiser shortage

The shortage of appraisers has been an ongoing concern within the real estate industry. According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey conducted last year, there are three major factors resulting in the appraiser [...]

- by Ken Schneider, SWBC LenderHub

The quest for non-interest income

In the neverending quest for non-interest income, financial institutions can find themselves in a bind: income is necessary to run any business, of course, but lenders often feel that seeking out income and fees runs [...]

- by Alex Spencer, SWBC LenderHub

5 ways to advance your investment program

To compete for new customers and retain your existing customers, you must offer products and services that make their lives more convenient and aren't available at every financial institution. One great service to offer is [...]

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SWBC Investment Services expands fixed income offerings

SWBC Investment Services has recently expanded its trading desk capabilities to include the underwriting and trading of certificates of deposit (CDs). This expands SWBC’s fixed income offerings beyond the primary offerings of municipal bonds [...]

SWBC Investment Services partners with InvesTex Credit Union

SWBC Investment Services is pleased to announce the addition of financial advisor Jason Stepanik, CIMA®, at InvesTex Credit Union. Stepanik will work exclusively with InvesTex members to create and monitor their personalized financial plans. Stepanik [...]

SWBC’s financial institutions division expands payments division

SWBC, an international financial services company providing a wide range of insurance, mortgage and investment services to individuals, businesses and financial institutions, today announced that its financial institutions division has expanded its payments division by [...]