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- by Eric Salzman, SWBC LenderHub

This market can really take a punch

April sure has been an interesting month, and we are only midway through it! In just the last two weeks, the U.S. has seriously sparred with its greatest economic competitor (at least by size [...]

- by Eric Salzman, SWBC LenderHub

Germans? Forget it, he’s rolling.

Last week, another move toward a global trade war was initiated, as President Trump spoke of slapping an additional $100 billion in unspecified tariffs on China. The Chinese responded that they will have a very [...]

- by Eric Salzman, SWBC LenderHub

Welcome to the great game

Last week was supposed to be the coming-out party for new Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell as he presided over his first FOMC meeting. The Fed—as predicted by just about everyone—raised the Federal [...]

- by Gil Castillo, SWBC BusinessHub

Protect your key leadership from recruiters

As a business owner, you likely already spend a significant amount of time searching for and hiring employee leaders. Once you have the right people in your employ, you want to guard against others tracking [...]

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SWBC Investment Services expands fixed income offerings

SWBC Investment Services has recently expanded its trading desk capabilities to include the underwriting and trading of certificates of deposit (CDs). This expands SWBC’s fixed income offerings beyond the primary offerings of municipal bonds [...]

SWBC Investment Services partners with InvesTex Credit Union

SWBC Investment Services is pleased to announce the addition of financial advisor Jason Stepanik, CIMA®, at InvesTex Credit Union. Stepanik will work exclusively with InvesTex members to create and monitor their personalized financial plans. Stepanik [...]

SWBC’s financial institutions division expands payments division

SWBC, an international financial services company providing a wide range of insurance, mortgage and investment services to individuals, businesses and financial institutions, today announced that its financial institutions division has expanded its payments division by [...]