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- by Crystal Bullard, SWBC

Lending and the millennial mindset

A few months ago the internet was awash with the proclamation that avocado toast was keeping Millennial borrowers from committing to a mortgage. Yes, the breakfast of choice for many of the Instagram generation was [...]

- by Alex Spencer, SWBC LenderHub

Improve your retail investment program

You want your institution's members to have the best customer experience possible. As you evaluate ways to improve, consider how your retail investment program fits into your overall product mix and helps members meet their [...]

- by Jeffrey Julig, SWBC BusinessHub

Ten low cost ways to reduce your security risk

Protecting your organization is expensive. Leaders are encouraged and sometimes even compelled to provide additional resources to counter threats. As the cost of data breaches rise, regulators and your customers and business partners demand you [...]

- by Joan Cleveland , SWBC LenderHub

Gain a new perspective on credit life insurance

In the financial services industry, it is widely known that credit life insurance pays off the outstanding loan balance to which it is attached. But have you ever really realized how credit insurance is a [...]

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SWBC Investment Services expands fixed income offerings

SWBC Investment Services has recently expanded its trading desk capabilities to include the underwriting and trading of certificates of deposit (CDs). This expands SWBC’s fixed income offerings beyond the primary offerings of municipal bonds [...]

SWBC Investment Services partners with InvesTex Credit Union

SWBC Investment Services is pleased to announce the addition of financial advisor Jason Stepanik, CIMA®, at InvesTex Credit Union. Stepanik will work exclusively with InvesTex members to create and monitor their personalized financial plans. Stepanik [...]

SWBC’s financial institutions division expands payments division

SWBC, an international financial services company providing a wide range of insurance, mortgage and investment services to individuals, businesses and financial institutions, today announced that its financial institutions division has expanded its payments division by [...]