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Common values

 We all value certain ideals, morals, and character traits in our everyday lives. We use them to confront problems, and as a guide as we aspire toward a higher standard of excellence. Consequently, businesses and [...]

- by DCUC

NDAA Conference Committee results

DCUC is a happy to report that under “Items that may be considered under unanimous consent agreement”… Here is an excerpt from the Joint Explanatory Statement within the Conference Report which will accompany H.R. [...]

- by Anthony Hernandez, DCUC

Contingency planning

Financial Readiness is something we all champion when promoting our credit union values to each of our members. Everything from building a “rainy day” fund and saving 3–6 months of pay to getting out [...]

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DCUC gets involved in Virtual GAC

Following a successful Defense Matters broadcast on Thursday, February 25, DCUC is looking forward to CUNA’s GAC. The GAC is always an exciting time to be in DC, and with the event going virtual, [...]

DCUC awards $14,000 in scholarships

DCUC announced the recipients of the 2021 GEM Scholarship during their Defense Matters Webinar: April Bitler, Kirtland FCU; Levi Brunmaier, Sentinel FCU; Ashleigh Sanford, Cedar Point FCU; and Amy Shuey, America’s CU. Each of [...]

DCUC broadcasts Defense Matters Forum 2021

For the first time ever, DCUC broadcast their Defense Matters Forum from Big Whig Media studios in Downtown, DC. This year’s format change was in conjunction with CUNA’s shift to a virtual GAC [...]

A day to honor, a day to serve

On Monday, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day. Not only is it a Federal holiday, it is a National Day of Service, where we are called on to both reflect on King’s legacy [...]

DCUC celebrates NDAA advocacy win

DCUC is pleased to share that the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed into law without language that could be harmful to credit unions. “DCUC has been fighting to protect defense credit unions [...]

DCUC donates to credit union organizations

To close out the year, DCUC has donated to four credit union organizations: America’s Credit Union Museum, the Cooperative Trust, the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), and the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). “[...]

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